Gymini Crickets (Walking – 3 yrs)


 Monday/Wednesday/Thurday 10:15-11:00


Gymini Crickets is our parent participation class for toddlers who are walking up through 36 months of age who are not quite ready to leave mom or dad.  This class is designed to allow toddlers to explore the gymnastics equipment around the gym in a safe and fun environment. Your child will learn basic gymnastics skills on the different gymnastics events along with body and spatial awareness, age appropriate gross motor skills, eye – hand coordination, all while building self-esteem and social skills.

This class is 45 minutes total, beginning with about 15 minutes of free time for the parent’s and children to explore the gym and play with what interests them. The coaches then lead a group warm-up song and stretch with the kids and parents, followed by a skill of the week. Following the skill of the week the kids and parents get more free time before an ending activity with everyone. Throughout the class the coach circulates around the gym to help kids learn and practice these new skills. Our trained staff will also show you how to safely spot and assist your toddler throughout the gym, as well as, help you bond and witness the many daily successes that your toddler will achieve throughout their time in our program.gymini crickets.


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Monday/Wednesday/Thurday 10:15-11:00

DROP IN $17/class

Gymini Crickets now has a monthly enrollment option.

$61.20 1st class (10% discount)$57.80 2nd class (%15 discount) $54.40 3rd class (20% discount)
$30.00 Yearly Membership/Insurance Fee

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2 thoughts on “Gymini Crickets (Walking – 3 yrs)

  1. Katy Joyce says:

    Hi I am a childminder and wondering if you have space for 4 little ones on a Wednesday?

    Thanks Katy

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