About us


Rising Star Gymnastics, established in 1982, is a fully equipped gymnastics club offering classes for both boys and girls, tots through young adults. Our outstanding, fun-filled program is designed to teach the young student poise, character, and self-discipline, all while developing a physically fit and responsible individual. It is our mission to provide gymnastics instruction to all students enrolled in our program in both a fun and safe environment. Every child, regardless of ability, deserves the best instruction possible.

We at Rising Star Gymnastics provide each child with a rewarding experience by developing a POSITIVE SELF IMAGE that is based on confidence and self-worth as learned through the experience of accomplishing skills and tasks. We utilize the United States Association of Gymnastics ten-level achievement program as a guideline for teaching gymnastics skills and routines to our students. Its objective is to provide a motivational series of progressively difficult gymnastics skills for the student to work on and master. Our structured program challenges and rewards all of our students, from those just beginning gymnastics up through our advanced competitive athletes.



  • Kelly Brady – Owner, Head Optional Team Coach, TNT Team Coach
  • Jenneane Breidenbach – Office Manager
  • Fabricio Olsson – Men’s Team Head Coach
  • Alyssa Bellamy – Preschool & Recreational Director, Head Compulsory Girls Team Coach & TNT Team Coach
  • Adriane Oglietti – Preschool & Recreational Instructor
  • Beth Radunzel – Compulsory Girls Team Coach, Hotshot Team Coach
  • Lulu Johnson – Preschool & Recreational Instructor
  • Evan Del Rosario – Ninja Zone Trainer, Preschool & Recreational Instructor, Sports Agility Coach, Dynamo Team Coach
  • Luke Lubben Ninja Zone Trainer, Preschool & Recreational Instructor, Sports Agility Coach
  • Jeff Dean – TNT Coach, Compulsory Girls Team Coach

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